Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mocha Girls Scandal

How correct are the rumors that Mocha and Jaycee Parker has a scandal video that has quickly distribute in which else but the web? Sure its real. There genuinely is a video. We just really don't know the place it came from.

Mocha Mocha:

At initially we thought that this was element of some kind of Indie Film (or it truly is). But we tried searching for Mocha and Jaycee Parker Film and discovered practically nothing. Rather, we have been presented benefits of the allegedly video clip of Mocha and Jaycee Parker doing some scenes not appropriate for minors.

Mocha and Jaycee:

Really should we believe that in this video clip? Looks real for me and realizing Mocha who was documented to appeared in scandalous pictures with the Mocha Women in advance of, I will not be stunned if numerous, which includes me will get into this. If this is just a promo for an indie film, really great indeed. And extremely courageous.

Also Mocha and Krista:

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